Jiayuanda Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading ultrasonic technology development national high-tech enterprise, the main products are ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine, ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic cutting equipment, ultrasonic welding system, ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer ultrasonic horn,and we also can customized develop ultrasonic products in different application fields according to customer needs

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Ultrasonic Transducer

Jiayuanda Tech is a manufacturer and supplier in China whose ultrasonic transducers included an ultrasonic welding transducer and an ultrasonic cleaning transducer. 1. An ultrasonic cleaning transducer also known as an ultrasonic vibrating head is a kind of ultrasonic transducer and the core component of an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Industry-standard name ultrasonic transducer belongs to piezoelectric ceramic material. 2. The ultrasonic transducer is the core component of the welding machine. It is mainly composed of two parts: the vibrator and the amplitude modulator. The function is to drive the entire transducer to resonate through the simple harmonic vibration of the vibrator itself under the excitation of the electrical signal, thereby converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. The transducer vibrator adopts a sandwich structure, which is composed of prestressed bolts to clamp the front and rear drive blocks, piezoelectric wafers, and electrode sheets. The front-drive block and the amplitude modulator are assembled by connecting screws.