Ultrasonic Extration Machine-CQ28

Release time : 02月14日
We are a professional ultrasonic homogenizer factory, manufacturer and supplier in China. Jiayuanda CQ28 ultrasonic extraction system is an ultrasonic product for the matching of extraction equipment. The ultrasonic core accessories composed of intelligent automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator, high-Q high-power transducer, and titanium alloy extraction tool head have good performance in extraction, homogenization, stirring, emulsification and other aspects. The system has functions such as automatic frequency tracking, adjustable power, adjustable amplitude, and abnormal alarm. Equipped with RS485 communication, various parameters can be changed and observed through HMI.
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As one of the most professional Ultrasonic Extration Machine-CQ28 manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're featured by quality products and good service. Please rest assured to buy durable Ultrasonic Extration Machine-CQ28 at competitive price from our factory.


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